A patient-centred boutique clinic specialising in Functional Medicine, Osteopathy and Nutritional Therapy based in the heart of Solihull.

Welcome to Widney House Clinic

Our clinic is conveniently situated in Solihull, serving Birmingham, Warwickshire and outside areas via Zoom. We offer Osteopathy, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Therapy and Metabolic Balance.

Passionate about the health, vitality and well-being of our clients across Birmingham and locally in Solihull and the surrounding area, we offer bespoke solutions to help clients achieve their goals while looking and feeling their absolute best.

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How can we help you

Our private clinic in Solihull offers you a whole range of facilities to help maintain your health. We are conveniently located in Solihull and offer plenty of parking. From our Solihull clinic, our team utilise several different disciplines in order to help you find the best course of action for you. Our clinic is located in a discreet and private location, tucked away in the leafy countryside on the outskirts of Birmingham. Whether it’s your first time visiting us, or you’re a regular at our wellness centre, you can be assured of a relaxing and calming experience. Our team are highly proficient in their respective disciplines and are passionate about creating and delivering highly personalised and high-quality treatment and wellness plans that make sense for you, your lifestyle and your body.

Who do we work with?

At Widney House Clinic, we are open to clients of any age, gender, background or health level. Through a variety of scientifically-backed methods, we help our clients take back control of their health and make informed decisions that will benefit them both in the short and long-term.

There is so much information out there about how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to get fitter, how to lose weight fast, how to improve your metabolism, how to stay healthy as we get older - the list goes on and on! It can be incredibly confusing for even people experienced in the world of health and wellness, not to mention those of us who are looking at how to really improve our health for the first time. There are thousands of people offering diet, fitness and wellness plans online today, many of whom aren’t qualified to be doing so, and some of whom are actually spreading inaccurate and harmful information with their clients and followers.

At Widney House Clinic, we use proven techniques and programs, personalised to our clients, to support them in making decisions that actually improve their health. By targeting the whole body and incorporating dietary and lifestyle factors into our work, we can help clients from all walks of life achieve their goals, allowing them to enjoy their lives however they see fit.

Meet the team

Sarah Smith
Clinic Principal
Sarah graduated from The College of Osteopaths at Keele University in 2011. Since then, she has completed post-graduate training in medical acupuncture and cranial osteopathy.

With an ever enquiring mind into the ability of the body to heal itself, Sarah has embarked on extensive training in Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine and holds the following qualifications:

MSc Personalised Medicine
IFM Certified Practitioner (IFMCP)
Dip. CNM Nutritional Therapy

Sarah is now pursuing a PhD in Integrative and Functional Nutrition.

Her real passion lies in the power of nutrition and lifestyle to change people’s health, working with chronic conditions, the immune system and women's health.
Julie Engsted
Yoga Instructor
Julie brings a wealth of experience with her having taught at many of the major gyms in the area for some 30 years. In more recent years Julie has stepped away from these large gyms, focusing more on individual clients with 1:1 teaching and small classes.

As a qualified Level 3 YMCA Diploma holder, she has also completed as Post Graduate 500 hour Sun Power Yoga teacher, along with pregnancy yoga and aqua yoga.

Julie also is a senior Sun Power Yoga Teacher and Assessor  for the YMCA Level 3 Diploma.
Edit Kiri
Massage Therapist
Edit is an accomplished massage therapist having carried out nearly 5000 massages in 12 years! Originating in Hungary, Edit started her career as part of a team in an Hungarian Hospital treating patients with stroke, trauma, neurological patients such as Multiple Sclerosis, following orthopaedic operations and amputees.

Her holistic approach is one of makes her an all-round excellent fit for the clinic.

Edit is experienced in treating all clients of different cultures and backgrounds.

Conditions we can help with

We incorporate many different goals into our programmes. Through our scientifically-backed functional medicine programmes, we can also:

  • Improve stress and digestive health.

  • Help combat hormone imbalances, targeting the symptoms of PCOS and endometriosis.

  • Manage symptoms of the menopause.

  • Balance vitamin levels and prevent vitamin deficiencies.

  • Promote manageable, effective and sustainable weight loss.

  • Help boost the immune system.

Functional medicine programmes can also be changed and adapted to your needs over time, making them a fantastic option for those looking to not just lose weight and improve their overall health, but to keep it that way in the long term.

Osteopathy, while well known in the mainstream media for treating back pain, can also be used to improve many different aspects of your musculoskeletal health, including:

  • Sports injury or running injuries

  • Joint care including the treatment of knee pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

  • Pain related to arthritis.

Contrary to what you may have heard before Osteopathy is not classed as an “alternative medicine”, and instead is fully recognised by the government and NHS as an allied health profession, meaning it follows stringent regulations under the General Osteopathic Council. Other allied health professionals include paramedics, radiographers and physiotherapists, to name a few. All osteopaths in the UK need to be fully registered with the GOsC and compliant with their regulations in the same way doctors, nurses, midwives, opticians, dermatologists and other medical professionals do.


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