Your health is individual so your program should be too.

Widney House Clinic Programs

Whether you are struggling with fatigue, niggling aches and pains, IBS or a more serious condition, our programs are designed to target specific areas of your health. Should you want to boost your immune system or calm an inflamed gut, get in touch and we can talk you through what’s the best program to suit your health requirements.

Immune Foundation Program

When was the last time you felt truly healthy?

Your immune system plays a vital role in every single cell of your body and its development starts from before you are born. Now more than ever we understand the need to strengthen this integral part of our body, and understanding the underlying factors that may lead to immune dysfunction will help you improve your symptoms and optimise your health.

How do I know I need to strengthen my immune system?

Your immune system adapts and changes over time. Poor diet, lack of exercise, poor digestive health, chronic stress and the impaired ability to detoxify harmful substances can all have a significant effect on our immune function.

Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle there may be underlying factors that contribute towards an impaired immunity. By working with us at Widney House Clinic, together, and in partnership, we can work to uncover underlying causes of dysfunction and look towards optimising health.

How will you know if my immune system is impaired?

We take a detailed and comprehensive case history of your health. A bit like a detective, we then look at any factors that may contribute towards an impaired immunity.

Your immune system health is developed before you are born.  The health of your Mother, her diet and lifestyle habits, and any infections in pregnancy can have profound effects on our immune system development. We investigate this along a timeline from preconception until today. This will provide us a roadmap to proactively start to improve your health and build defences and reserves needed to protect your health.

How will the program work?

The starting point is the extensive case history report that you will take time to fill out. This will provide us with a comprehensive history of your health and allow us to play ‘health detective’. From identifying issues throughout this timeline, and assessing your current health, we can assess your suitability to this program.

Following on from this there is a more specific immune related questionnaire that will support any need for supplementation or further functional testing.*You will be provided with access to our Immune Foundations Patient Education Video that will introduce you to key concepts about your immune system.

With the questionnaire and any test results, together will formulate a dietary and lifestyle plan for you to implement for the first 30 days. Don’t worry, we are here for support and will check in with you weekly to see how you are getting on!

After a 30 day period we shall see you again to review the steps you have taken to improve your nutrition and lifestyle changes that we agreed on. If any changes need to be made or any further testing is needed it can be implemented at this stage.

A further follow up shall be carried out at 4-6 months to review improvement in symptoms and health. Further changes can be implemented if required or coaching on any difficulties that you may find yourself encountering.

What happens when I finish the programme?

Treatment focus may transition to a different area of your health if necessary, although usually, as there is a great deal of overlap between systems you will find the Immune Foundations Programme will improve overall health.

Should you require any further support, regular follow up appointments are available.

We also offer group visit programmes as a follow on from our initial 1:1 visits. They offer a different environment to the 1:1 program but continue to offer the same support. You will still benefit from a mini reiview and evaluation of your health but will then join a group for the continued health education. We encourage the asking of questions, sharing of concerns and personal experiences.

Group visits offer an opportunity to relate to others who may be experiencing similar health concerns, share stories and ideas, and learn from one another often creating a lasting bond. You will always be seen in private at the beginning of the group visit for your evaluation.

Pillars of GI Health Program

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SOS Stress recovery

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MSK Solutions Program

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CardioMetabolic Program

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WellMatrix Health Resiliency Program

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Healthy Weight for life Program

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Metabolic Balance Program


This happens more often than you think. People all over the world are becoming increasingly overweight. It is really no surprise as dietary habits are constantly changing to accommodate busy time schedules and often these diets are not in the best interest of your health.

You may be wondering why it is so difficult to lose weight and whether there is a solution to your weight and health problems. We would like to introduce “Metabolic Balance”.

What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic balance is an innovative, precise and individualised nutrition plan that focuses on balancing your hormones and optimising your health. The result? Successful long term weight management!

The aim of the Metabolic Balance plan is to create balance in the body. This can be achieved with the help of a personalised nutrition program that is based on an in-depth analysis involving your medical history, personal preferences and most importantly blood test values.

Our bodies need certain nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and fats along with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids to function optimally. All of these nutrients can be obtained through eating the correct foods. The Metabolic Balance personalised plan will concentrate on the specific foods that your body needs most and this will kick-start biochemical changes in your body that you need to reach your health goals and your weight loss goals.

The diet plan is unique for every person embarking upon this journey and it is created by using your blood test results. These tests may be used to detect: inflammatory markers, cholesterol levels, thyroid hormone levels, blood glucose levels and more. Based on these in-depth findings; your nutrition plan is developed with the intention of balancing your hormones, enzymes and bio-chemistry.

The Metabolic Balance program is not used exclusively to address weight issues; it can also be effective for supporting and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

What is in a Typical Metabolic Balance Plan?
One of the keystones of metabolic balance programmes is the fact that they are entirely personalised to you. We will refer you for a variety of state-of-the-art tests during your first consultation to help build an accurate picture of your overall health to work from, and curate a plan perfectly tailored to the needs of your body based on your results. We’ll also have an in-depth conversation with you to understand your goals, history and lifestyle, allowing us to create a metabolic balance plan that genuinely does work for you.

This means that there isn’t actually any one picture of what a typical metabolic balance plan looks like - it’s different for every individual! However, as a part of all our programmes, we help you develop a healthy attitude towards food, encouraging you to become increasingly mindful of what you put into your body, and how often you do. We include foods in all of our programmes that help you combat cravings, developing a healthy and intuitive sense of hunger. Your body adapts and learns to eat when it needs to, rather than being triggered by external factors and outside stressors.

As well as the physical side of things, metabolic balance programmes help you to not just lose weight in a healthy way, but to keep it off in the long-term by promoting healthy attitudes to food and dieting. Particularly today, when influencers and celebrities can promote health and nutrition advice on social media without any qualifications to back up their claims and the ongoing battle many of us face with “diet culture”, it can be difficult to find genuine, healthy and scientifically backed weight management programmes that prioritise your health first and foremost, rather than the way you look. In fact, metabolic balance nutrition plans can actually help you sleep better, improve your metabolism, balance your hormones, boost your immune system and mental health and contribute to overall wellness, not just help you lose weight!

Who Can Try a Metabolic Balance Programme?
The great thing about metabolic balance is that it is accessible to everyone. If you struggle with food intolerances, we can create a plan that works around the foods that you can’t have. Religious and dietary requirements such as halal, kosher or vegetarianism can all be accommodated into a metabolic balance health plan, and we can also help you avoid foods you simply don’t like very much! Now, that last one might seem a bit silly - after all, it’s a diet, and sometimes you have to eat things you don’t like on a diet, don’t you? Absolutely not! A diet that you actively enjoy is the best way to set yourself up for a long-term commitment that you can genuinely stick to.Over the course of three months and seven appointments with Widney House Clinic, you’ll get all the support you need to take back control of your life and start nourishing your body in the healthiest way possible for you.

The Metabolic Balance program’s success can be attributed to various factors.

01 The Metabolic Balance plan is personalised
The unique nutrition plan which is crafted to suit your specific needs aims to balance your own, personal body chemistry.

02 You will forget about cravings
The foods included in your personal plan are designed to diminish hunger spells and food cravings. In the end, your body learns to adapt to a healthy sense of hunger.

03 You get expert assistance
Throughout the Metabolic Balance program, you will be accompanied by a qualified practitioner who will support you in your efforts. They will teach you, guide you and motivate you along each step of the way to reaching your goals.

04 Knowledge is power
With the Metabolic Balance plan you will learn about how certain foods work to create balance in the body and you may also learn how other foods may hinder the process. This knowledge is valuable and it can help you reach your goals.

05 Results, results, results!
You should start losing weight fast and your enthusiasm will be fuelled by your success. Your results will make you feel motivated and you will end up treasuring the new habits you have learnt which may lead to a healthier lifestyle.