Unprecedented times!

Well we were well underway to opening our clinic doors, having already started our studio timetable. Construction and alterations were coming to an end and we were just a couple of weeks away from opening our doors.

Then, Coronavirus happened. Not just us, but many businesses have ground to a halt. We are living in times of uncertainty, different working conditions and many people have been furloughed as businesses struggle to understand what the future holds. There is no doubt these are worrying times.

There are some positives to be taken from this though.Communities are reaching out beyond the constraints of social distancing and helping their neighbours. Vulnerable individuals are being looked out for.Small businesses such as local butchers are working twice as hard to make sure that those vulnerable people have food. People are sewing scrubs, masks and making PPE equipment from home. There is a certain amount of heart-warming to be taken from this.

Even those businesses that can operate are finding different ways to support their workers from home. People are finding innovative ways to stay connected. Zoom has become a household word, whether for business, or social gatherings as we try to maintain those important ties with friends and family. Despite the gym being closed any people are still taking online classes, supporting those independent instructors, or cycling and taking daily exercise. Of course many gyms have expanded their businesses to offer online classes too. All of this of paramount importance as we struggle with the worry of contracting Coronavirus, or indeed recover from the awful effects.

Even though you are unable to use our facilities, or book an appointment, we are still here to help support you. We are offering a free weekly webinar that can be accessed via our Facebook page, @widneyhouseclinic.This will cover how to defend yourself against Coronavirus, recovery and maintaining mental health. Also sign up to our website for regular newsletters also detailing how to look after yourself in these unprecedented times.

As we emerge from lockdown there is no doubt that the world will be a different place. You may feel worried about protecting your self against Coronavirus and want to explore how to boost your immune system. We treat each person as an individual, and in Functional Medicine we take a very comprehensive case history, right back to before you were born as this has a play in the person that you are today. Your genes are individual and what you expose them to environmentally will change your health outcomes.

If you are concerned or worried we shall be offering appointments via Zoom and when the time comes with clear hygiene measures.Please bear in mind that we are here for health advice. Should you wish to drop an email message via Facebook then we can respond. We offer 15 minute exploratory calls, it's exactly what it says, we can explore your issues in brief and you can understand whether or not Functional Medicine is suitable for you.

In the meantime, remember this shall pass, we shall have normal again albeit a different type of normal.

Take care, stay safe and look after your loved ones.



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